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Elevating Hops Processing with CME’s Expertise

In the realm of hops processing, CME stands as a beacon of excellence. Transcending traditional methods, our machinery transforms hops into pelleted form, revolutionizing the industry. Pelleted hops offer enhanced utilization, simplifying measurement, storage, and distribution. This is why discerning growers and brewers alike are turning to CME for cutting-edge hops pelleting solutions.

Hops pelleting demands precision, addressing variables like temperature, moisture, and feed rates. CME’s comprehensive range of hammermills, pellet mills, feeders, coolers, and state-of-the-art automation software synergize to create efficient and reliable pelleting systems. Our solutions cater to both small- and large-scale hops operations, paving the way for a dynamic and impactful journey in hops processing.

Assembled in the USA

Our equipment is engineered and supported in the USA