We Value Your Feedback

Thank you for trying our new improved R150 Prototype Bolts

We hope you find the new design to be beneficial to your Die fitting and running. Below are a few questions to help us improve and better serve you. If you would be so kind as to provide us with your feedback, we would greatly appreciate it.

Feedback Form

R-150 Prototype Die Bolts- Part #-RD100025

Please complete the feedback form below and send any pictures or video you are willing to provide to sales@coloradomillequipment.com.

Were the instructions provided in the diagram clear?
Was it easier to align and install the die with all 8 bolts pre-installed?
Are you pleased with the new thread design?
Do you use loctite when installing?
Did you notice any loosening of the nuts over any period of time?
Overall do you prefer these prototype bolts over the previous design?
Would you be willing to share any pictures of the bolts in action as well?