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Kitzmans Lumber: Transforming Waste into Wealth


Kitzmans Lumber faced a significant challenge in managing their waste generated from the sawmill, including sawdust, wood chips, and shavings. Disposing of this waste incurred a cost of $30 per ton, posing a financial burden and environmental concern.


With the implementation of Colorado Mill Equipment’s wood and biomass pellet solutions, Kitzmans Lumber transformed their sawdust from a liability into a profitable asset. By utilizing the HMS Hammermill, R150 Pellet Mill, and C4 Cooler, they converted the waste into high-quality wood pellets, adding value to their product line.

Project Details:

To implement the solution, Kitzmans Lumber required an initial investment of $300,000 for the necessary equipment, including the HMS Hammermill, R150 Pellet Mill, and C4 Cooler.


The outcome was transformative for Kitzmans Lumber. Not only did they eliminate the $30 per ton disposal cost, but they also created a new revenue stream by selling the wood pellets for $300 per ton. With a profitable product in hand, Kitzmans Lumber now supplies all of its wood pellets to the Do it Best Store, serving an active clientele eager to purchase their high-quality pellets. This success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Colorado Mill Equipment’s solutions in turning waste into wealth and fostering sustainable business practices.

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